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Intermediate holistic treatment at a distance

70,00 €

Intermediate holistic treatment at a distance
The basic session involves a holistic remote treatment, done according to the client's needs with the universal pendulum, and working with him/her in video conference or on the photo.

What are the benefits of basic holistic treatment?
Calm the mind
Relax your body
Eliminate anxiety and stress
Relieve a specific pain or ailment
Realign the body with the mind
To raise awareness
Improve your concentration
Increase your energy.

Please remember that holistic sessions and treatments are subjective and personal and in compliance with the professional code of ethics of holistic operators it is not possible to request them on behalf of third parties

After purchasing the treatment, you will receive a contact from the operator you have been assigned to establish the time and day of the treatment.

Duration of treatment 1 hour and 30 minutes


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